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  • Model No. SS06
  • Our Chapati Making Machine Produces 1000 Chapatis per Hour

The Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is Sunshine’s latest innovation in the field of chapati making products. This machine integrates the entire process of peda making, pressing and chapati baking into one single unit, in the most hygienic and functional manner ever. It significantly cuts production costs, wastage of raw materials, and time taken for the process.
The best and biggest unbeatable advantage that the Sunshine Fully Automatic Model offers is that it has no hidden spaces or enclosures unlike traditional Fully Automatic Models, hence, making our machine the MOST HYGIENIC & SAFE when compared to any other Fully Automatic Chapati Machine in the Industry. This feature helps achieve extremely stringent norms for personal and environmental cleanliness by:
Making the machine easy to clean, as flour and dough do not get stuck in any cracks and crevices.
Eliminating chances of any rodent or insect infestations, which may happen in fully covered machines.
Minimizing direct human contact with flour & chapatis. This ensures that no germs are allowed to grow on the chapatis or the machine surfaces.
Eliminating the use of dry flour during formation or baking of chapatis, hence, making the process very clean & hygienic.
Like all other Sunshine Machines the Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is a simple, easy to operate design which can be operated by an unskilled labourer with minimal training. It is very easy to teach a fellow employee to use the machine as well.
High quality & robust construction are always our priority. Hence, there are virtually no breakdowns and minimum maintenance is required. This machine is guaranteed to run for years without any glitches.


  • Capacity : 1000 Chapatis/Hr
  • L.P.G. Consumption : 2.25 Kgs / Hr
  • Dimensions : 4200 (L) X 1500 (W) X 1550 (H) MM
  • Power Consumption : 3.5 KW
  • Conveyor Belt Used : Food Grade Teflon Belt
  • Weight of Machine : 700 Kgs (Approx.)
  • Operators Needed : 1

  • Wt. of Chapati : 25 gm - 45 gm
  • Chapati Thickness : 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
  • Chapati Size : 5 - 8"
  • Chapati Color : Light Brown
  • Appearance : Soft with puffed layer


  1. LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Sunshine fully automatic machine is equipped with latest technology (rotary indexing type) which is our own invention. It’s unique and not available with any other manufacturer for fully automatic design.
  2. HYGIENIC PREPARATION: Sunshine fully auto machine does not require any dry flour sprinkler , thus wastage of dry flour is prevented. This makes the entire system very hygienic plus easier to clean and maintain. all other fully automatic machine requires dry flour thus making it vulnerable to rats, rodents etc.
  3. FUEL CONSUMPTION: Sunshine fully auto machine requires very less LPG as compared to other fully auto machines. you may consider that our machine requires just half the quantity of fuel as compared to them.
  4. ROTARY TAWA SYSTEM: The baking of chapatis is done on tawa which is the traditional way of cooking Chapati like our homes. It does not involve any conveyor chain and flame burner like other machines. Conveyor chain system of baking is unhygienic, not visible and thus not possible to clean, vulnerable to insects/rats/rodents. our rotary tawa baking is insulated with glass fibre thus making it more fuel efficient as mentioned above.
  5. INDIVIDUAL CONTROL OF EVERY UNIT: Sunshine fully machine offers a very unique feature. The ball cutting unit, pressing unit and baking unit are integrated but can be controlled individually. this means, if one of the unit fails, for example, ball cutting, it won’t affect the functioning of pressing unit and baking unit. you can place dough balls manually, its pressing and baking can be done without making whole system handicapped. This is because we have individual set of gearbox and motor in every unit. However, in all other fully automatic machines, if one unit fails, the whole machine will fail and you can’t do anything during emergency situations.
  6. NO USAGE OF SENSORS: Sunshine fully automatic machines do not use any sensors for ball cutting unit making it more durable. We use limit switches instead for higher durability. Many of the other fully automatic machines use sensor system for ball cutting which are very vulnerable to breakdown.
  7. VISIBLE OPERATION: Sunshine fully automatic machine offers visible operation of ball cutting, pressing and baking thus it becomes easier for operator to monitor the machine and take corrective action quickly.
  8. ROBUST QUALITY AND PROMPT SERVICE: Quality and service is our USP which no other manufacturer can compete.

Justification for Worth of paying extra price for our machine: considering all factors which are mentioned above, even, If there is price difference in our fully automatic machine as compared to others, please calculate the difference in LPG consumption and cost of LPG per kg as on today. The savings on LPG cost on daily usage will nullify the price difference within 3 -4 months giving you a better deal in long run with quick ROI.

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