Chapati pressing/forming machine is a huge helping held to customers looking for semi-cooked/half-cooked chapatis.
Just feed the dough ball into the machine, and get heat-pressed chapatis with uniform thickness.
Chapati Pressing Machine: 1000 per Hour, Model CPM-3

Model No. CPM-3
Automatic Chapati Pressing Machine
1000 Chapatis per Hr

Capacity: 1000/Hr.
Model No. : CPM-3
Chapati Size: Upto 8 inches (Adjustable)
Power Consumption: 2.4 KW/Hr.
Panel & Fan: Integrated Electric Panel & Exhaust Fan
Motor Make: Godrej/Crompton
Dimension : 1.96 (L) x 1.31 (W) x 3.14 (H) Feet
Net Weight: 66 Kg